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Traffic & Safety

Student Pick-up and Drop-off Zones
Pearson Road's school parking lot and playground are very busy places at the beginning and end of each school day. We have established a Kiss & Drop service for the beginning of each school day for parents to drop off children. Student Leaders will assist children out of the car. We ask parents to please park on the street for after school pick up to alleviate the amount of cars in the parking lot to ensure student safety. In addition, there is a pick up area (drivers must stay in vehicles) in the alley adjacent to the school. Please be reminded that the City of Kelowna bylaws prohibit parking in any alleyways at anytime. Where appropriate, having family meeting places off of school property is the simplest method for a smooth afternoon pickup. Please do not enter parking lot after school and please do not park alongside yellow curbs or traffic cones. 
Student Safety
A pedestrian crossing light operates at the corner of Leathead and Franklyn Road. Students are encouraged to make use of the light by pressing the walk button, waiting for the lights to flash, and proceeding when the vehicles have come to a stop. Leathead is a high traffic area and students are not to cross anywhere but at the designated crosswalks. Parents are reminded that our students can be unpredictable and we ask for your care and attention and SLOW driving around our school.