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Classroom Teachers

"I Can" Statement Development:

  • Staff members are developing "I can" statements reflective of the new BC competency based curriculum. These statements assist us with our planning and help students reflect on their own learning. They are written in parent and student friendly language. 

Professional Development:

  • We are focusing our professional development this year on teaching math in an innovative and engaging way.
  • Much of our professional development this year focused on the development of the I can statements and our reporting practices. We are trying to align our planning and assessment as well as communicate student learning more effectively.
  • Teachers are familiarizing themselves with current, research-based math teaching practices.


  • We are using resources such as Jo Boaler's Mathematical Mindsets
  • Number Talks by Sheri Parrish
  • Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom by Gerald Aungst
  • Instructional Leadership Team website
  • Estimate 180
  • Three Act Math