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Learning Story

Pearson Road Elementary School currently provides education to approximately 240 students in Kindergarten through grade 5. We are fortunate to host a very active Strong Start Centre and host the Central Okanagan Family Hub. Pearson prides itself on having rich and diverse demographic and a welcoming multicultural environment . As a school community, we value an inclusive environment where all students are appreciated and welcomed for the strengths and leadership skills they bring to our school.

Our focus for professional development continues to be on numeracy instruction. This journey started 2 years ago with a simple question to parents, staff members and students. We asked "What was your experience with math in elementary school?" Responses varied, however there was a common theme that many respondents did not have a positive experience and learners felt they could not be good at math. As a result of this survey, we realized we needed to develop a growth mindset when it comes to numeracy. Pearson entered into a numeracy inquiry journey with Quigley and Rutland Elementary schools through ongoing dialogue with teachers, administrators, parents and students. As part of this collaboration, staff members will be able to share resources and learn from each other. Through this inquiry, we have examined physical spaces for math, teaching to diversity, improving engagement, providing more hands-on experiences, relating content to real world applications and developing learners identity as a problem solver.

Now in 2020, 2 years into our numeracy inquiry we are ready to scan again. What impacts has our learning had for our learners? Has our numeracy pedagogies evolved? Where do we want to take our learning next? What evidence of numeracy growth do we have? What are the artifacts we hope to collect that are indicative of the numeracy goals at Pearson? 

"A lot of scientific evidence suggests that the difference between those who succeed and those who don't is not the brains they were born with, but their approach to life, the messages they receive about their potential, and the opportunities they have to learn." - Jo Boaler