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Student Fees/Field Trip Payments

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School uniforms were adopted at Pearson Elementary in September 2004 and were intended to be worn daily by all students. As we always aim to support an inclusive environment, when concerns about school uniforms were raised, we accommodated by permitting families to make decisions about attire. The concerns brought forward ranged from philosophical, financial, to personal preference. Alternately, some families have also shared that they support school uniforms. We understand that this topic could be potentially contentious and while we try to meet each learner's needs, we know we must also be mindful of individual differences. As such we have moved to a school clothing option for all families who wish to continue with the practice. 

PSE has moved to an online system for all clothing β€‹purchases through BC Sportswear on Kirschner:​​

*We have a small stock of SOME new items (Intermediate student sizing) on hand at the school. 

*Should you wish to crest your own item. Crests are available for purchase in the office or the logo available here: PRE_Logo_RGB.png